Secret Strategies to Win Big at Roulette

Finding Reliable Strategies to Beat Roulette

The majority of roulette tips websites are primarily focused on promoting online casinos rather than assisting players in winning at roulette. This leads to the spread of inaccurate and harmful information, making it difficult to find trustworthy advice.

As a professional roulette player with over 20 years of experience, I have successfully managed the world’s largest team of skilled roulette players. Now, I will reveal the truth about beating roulette.

Is Consistent Winning in Roulette Possible?

Absolutely. However, most players approach it in the wrong way. On our roulette strategy page, you can learn about the common mistakes players make. The main blunder they commit is disregarding what happens on the roulette wheel, even though it is the determining factor for the winning number.

To increase your chances of winning, start by closely observing the wheel and understanding the mechanics behind where the ball lands. Predicting the winning number is actually quite feasible, at least with enough accuracy to generate profits. Keep in mind that the house edge is relatively small, so even slightly accurate predictions can lead to consistent winnings.

If winning is so straightforward, why aren’t casinos going bankrupt?

The real issue is that casinos have no tolerance for consistent winners. Once they notice your continuous success, they will take measures to stop you, one way or another.

Strategies that Concern Casinos the Most

Casinos are not naive. When you win a substantial amount, they will review surveillance footage to determine your winning method. They are aware of which strategies are ineffective and which pose a serious threat.

If your winnings are perceived to be based on luck, they may offer you complimentary drinks or accommodation, hoping that you will continue playing and eventually lose your winnings. Bets like red or black indicate luck-based wins, as long-term winning with outside bets is nearly impossible.

However, the situation changes drastically if they suspect you are using a professional roulette system. One telltale sign of a professional player is their bets being based on specific sections of the physical wheel. Unless you have violated any laws, the casino will still pay your winnings, but you will no longer be welcomed back. In all likelihood, you will be added to their database of suspected professional players. If you do return, the casino will take measures to make winning more challenging for you. These measures are commonly known as “counter-measures.”

Counter-measures and Their Implications

Counter-measures implemented by casinos provide insights into what makes them nervous and reveal the strategies that truly work.

Some typical counter-measures include:

  1. Spinning the wheel rotor faster or at inconsistent speeds.
  2. Frequently changing dealers.
  3. Closing bets before the wheel spins and prohibiting late bets.
  4. Frequently changing balls.

While there are more counter-measures, you will notice that they all revolve around the happenings at the roulette wheel. This is because the wheel is the ultimate determinant of the winning number. If the spins are predictable, players can gain an advantage.

Effective Systems in Modern Casinos

Contrary to popular belief, roulette is not the most unpredictable game; in fact, it is highly vulnerable to exploitation by casinos. Designing a completely unpredictable roulette wheel is nearly impossible.

Roulette remains profitable for casinos due to the vast majority of players losing. However, casinos acknowledge that some players consistently win. By employing meticulous surveillance and countermeasures, they limit the impact of these consistent winners.

Advantage Play Systems in Roulette

Advantage Play Systems involve analyzing spin results to identify statistical anomalies that reveal predictable outcomes. These systems rely on the principles of roulette wheel physics, which are not new.

What sets these systems apart is their ability to cross-reference data and enhance the reliability of short-term data. This process is akin to fact-checking. Without such cross-referencing, the available spin data would be insufficient.

These systems leverage proven principles of roulette wheel physics and conduct efficient analyses to make them applicable in real casino conditions.

Wheel Bias Analysis

Nearly every casino employs automated software to analyze spins and detect biased wheels. When a biased wheel is identified, it is either repaired or replaced. However, the casino’s software only performs half of what it should.

It is crucial not to underestimate the existence of biased wheels in present times. The reality is that every wheel exhibits some degree of bias. The key lies in recognizing that biases may only manifest under specific conditions. Consequently, a bias may be present on one day but not on others. Furthermore, the casino’s software lacks the capacity for observations that enable early detection of bias.

Armed with the right knowledge, professional roulette wheel bias players can identify and exploit wheel biases before casinos become aware of them.

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